A Website to Help the West Loop’s Christmas Store Give Dignity

Nov 25, 2013

auditorium - christmas store - soul city

Photo credit: Soul City Church via Flickr

The past three years, Soul City Church, located in the West Loop at the corner of Racine and Adams Street, has partnered with the elementary schools in the neighborhood—Brown and Dett—to create an unforgettable shopping experience for those schools’ families.

With a mission to go beyond charity and give dignity, the store sells brand new items like coats and toys at reduced prices. Because the gifts are donated by businesses, organizations and other families in the community, it allows the funds from sales to be invested into the schools: this provides parents an opportunity to affordably give gifts to to their loved ones, and also support the continued development of their schools.

Entering its fourth year, and looking to help continue the exponential, year-by-year growth of the event, fluidli partnered with Soul City Church to create a dedicated website for the event, one they could use to tell its story, recruit volunteers and provide a to way to donate gifts online.

Using our unique storytelling approach, we first distilled the Store’s identity into a clear, purpose-driven narrative, then told it on the website with our principles of marketing fluidli.


Purpose: Go “beyond charity,” to uplift the families and schools in the West Loop with a Christmas shopping experience marked by joy, delivering dignity to everyone involved.

Verb/Why: Uplift
Adverb/How: Joyfully
Noun/What: Dignity

The Christmas Store word mark

christmas store logo - original - lobster font red - 450px wide


Thanks to photographers who donated their services in previous years, Soul City already had great images—these became the primary media, used in sliders and as backgrounds, to tell the story of the event across the site.


Using responsive design techniques, we delivered one website that would seamlessly work across all devices—important in delivering to users the ability to, say, donate toys or coats from a phone while riding the bus or register to volunteer during a gathering at Soul City Church.

Screenshots of the website from an iPhone


In choosing photos for the site, we included ones shared by attendees from previous years to platforms like Flickr and Instagram, incorporating our guiding belief that being social is more about pulling in than it is about pushing out.

instagram from hashtag - christmas store - soul city church
View on Instagram (photo by emben07)


From the start, the UX of the site was planned to clearly enable the conversions that mattered most to the Store: people donating funds for gifts and registering to volunteer for the event.

At fluidli, we’re proud to partner with Soul City Church to help serve the West Loop community with the Christmas Store. It’s a great story—and we’re passionate about helping organizations tell great ones that serve the people in this great city!

Visit ChristmasStore.Be to see how you can help give dignity to families in Chicago this Christmas season.

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