The New Marketing? Gary Vaynerchuk Says Storytelling (And Gives A Challenge)

Aug 24, 2013

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In a recent article on LinkedIn, Gary Vaynerchuk shared his beef with marketing:

I wake up every morning upset about one core thing, and that is this: It’s 2013 and 99 percent of people are marketing their products like it’s 2004.”

So what’s his solution to the demise of traditional marketing methods like billboards, direct mail, print, radio, TV, “all of which have collapsed in terms of getting the attention of a consumer”?

The answer I’m going to give you isn’t a single platform. I’m not going to tell you to get your brand on Vine and then everything will be amazing and you can buy a sports franchise. Here is what it comes down to: Every single marketer out there is a storyteller. It is our job to tell our story – what our value proposition is – to somebody along the path of purchase. Period. It connects every one of us.

Gary goes on to discuss storytelling on social media platforms, making the point that a) you need to figure out storytelling native to each platform (let’s think twice about posting that square-formatted ad to Instagram) and b) these platforms aren’t distribution channels, they’re two-way conversations where listening, re-sharing, responding, engaging and prompting are AS IMPORTANT, IF NOT MORE than publishing more of your sh**.

Great points.

He ends with an interesting challenge, following in the vein of communicating in each platform’s native language.

Can you figure out how to present your brand’s value proposition in an image that disappears in 8 seconds? I’m not saying Snapchat is right for your brand but can you figure out how to use it?

What strikes me about this particular challenge—image-based and incredibly brief, but communicating the breadth of a brand—is I think it isn’t native to just Snapchat, but presents an overarching shift in the New Marketing Storytelling.

Visual. Clear. Concise. We’ll call it Gary’s Image-Based Brand Value Prop In 8 Seconds (Or Less) Challenge.

Can you do it for your company? For yourself? I’d love to see!

Here’s what I came up with for fluidli …

fluidli animation v3

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