5 Distinctions In The New Era of Branding & Marketing

Aug 30, 2013

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If branding becomes …

1. Creating a narrative built on a clear purpose


Ed Woodcock, strategy director and co-founder of Aesop, believes that a clear and popular purpose is crucial to a good brand story. For example, he argues that Apple’s top ranking is the result of its almost evangelical commitment to creating technology that improves people’s lives and the clarity with which it tells that story. “Its sense of mission manifests itself in everything it does: from the design of its products and stores to the simplicity of its advertising,” he says

(Note: all bolding in the quotes is my own emphasis.)

And marketing becomes …

2. Storytelling of that narrative via content …


Content marketing is becoming the new black from both a quantity and quality standpoint for individuals throughout the world … Businesses both large and small are realizing that in order to compete they must embrace this new era of interaction and develop true content marketing programs.

3. That is visual (read: photos and videos) …


“Blogs were one of the earliest forms of social networking where people were writing 1,000 words,” says Dr. William J. Ward, Social Media professor at Syracuse University. “When we moved to status updates on Facebook, our posts became shorter. Then micro-blogs like Twitter came along and shortened our updates to 140 characters. Now we are even skipping words altogether and moving towards more visual communication with social-sharing sites like Pinterest.”

4. Published as a stream, ongoing …


Most users on the web spend most of their time in apps. The most popular of those apps, like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Tumblr and others, are primarily focused on a single, simple stream that offers a river of news which users can easily scroll through, skim over, and click on to read in more depth … Stream-based content naturally flows across different devices and media, from tiny phones to tablets to giant desktop monitors, with an adaptivity that works naturally hand-in-hand with responsive design.


What is content marketing to me? It’s about continuous storytelling. It’s about a steady stream of storytelling innovations—large and small—delivered as an ongoing pulse. A drumbeat.

5. For mobile users …


At today’s ComScore State of the Internet Webinar, the internet research firm presented data indicating mobile users would surpass desktop users in 2014. The data comes from Morgan Stanley and is consistent with its prediction in 2010 that mobile would surpass desktop within five years

If those 5 distinctions, then who will you partner with to accomplish them and successfully grow your business in an era of New Marketing Storytelling?

<biased opinion>My advice in that search? Being wary of any agency that, past or present, has been been described with the words “ad” or “advertising” and/or considers it still relevant to use “digitial” as a meaningful descriptor. </biased opinion>

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